Paving Your Path to Successful
Business Succession


A facilitated and interactive succession support session

Fresh Focus on the Future – Now!

Being a business owner involves dedication and no small amount of passion and is often a life-long commitment. It takes perseverance, vision and drive to create a valuable business. However, at some stage you will need to withdraw the value from your business and plan to exit. We understand this and our aim is to support you in achieving this.

To feel more in control it is vital to have a clear plan to eventually exit and withdraw the value you have created and achieve this in a sustainable way.

Our interactive facilitated Value Builder Session enables you to plan to do just this.

  • A review of what is important to you and what are the key value drivers
  • Exploring succession issues
  • Supporting your plans
  • Implementing your actions
You are then able to focus on the implementation of your plans with fresh energy and inspiration with our support.

The Benefits to You

The service provides you with the following benefits:
  • Fresh focus and feeling more in control
  • Greater awareness of the key value drivers
  • Proactive ideas on issues
  • A copy of each meeting
  • A chance to experience how we operate without necessarily having to change accountants
  • A valuable series of experiences leading to enhanced focus on wealth creation for the owners

How Value Builder Works

We help you articulate your ultimate aspirations and aims and using an innovative and interactive approach, look at key areas that drive exit values.
  • Your strategic objectives: At the core of all succession planning
  • Exploring succession issues: A focus on the future and what are your key drivers of value
  • Creating a plan: Developing a succession plan with timelines and actions

Reach out to us today and let’s start mapping out your path forward with Value Builder.