The Wealth Tracker

Personal Planning Accountants for Business Owners and their family, the Wealth Tracker

At The Sanders Partnership we are personal planning accountants specialising in looking after business owners who want to grow their business and succeed whilst also looking after their family. After all as a business owner isn’t the welfare of your family your key objective from which all your business objectives flow.

A key service of ours is the Wealth Tracker which is aimed to help business owners to get focus on their families personal wealth and security. We prepare a written plan summarising your personal objectives including those of the business at a high level.

Please read below to find out more about the Wealth Tracker…

Planning for the Wealth You Want with the Wealth Tracker Service

A Facilitated and Interactive Wealth Review Program

We understand the importance of feeling in control of your financial future. We also understand that running a business can feel like a lonely place. That’s why we offer the Wealth Tracker, an interactive wealth review program designed to help you achieve your goals and aspirations, supporting you every step of the way. Join us on this journey and discover the benefits of our facilitated service.

Fresh Focus and Feeling in Control

It’s important to take time out to focus on what truly matters – your wealth and financial objectives. To help you feel more in control of your destiny the Wealth Tracker provides you with the opportunity to gain clarity and focus over your financial journey over the next few years.

Interactive Facilitation and Review

Our facilitated Wealth Tracker takes a collaborative approach, working closely with you to delve into the most important aspects of your wealth objectives. Through interactive discussions, we explore your current estate, evaluate its position and plan for growth and security. Together, we identify priorities and establish actionable steps to help you achieve your financial aspirations. You are then able to focus on implementation of your plans with fresh inspiration and with our support.

The Benefits to You

By engaging in our Strategic Wealth Review service in a series of meetings, tailored to suit your needs, you gain numerous benefits that will positively impact your financial well-being. These benefits include:

  • Fresh focus and a renewed sense of control over your financial future
  • Greater awareness and understanding of your current estate including your business, enabling you to make informed decisions
  • Overview of your tax position and ideas on how to plan to minimise your tax liabilities in the future
  • Identification of any imbalances in your wealth portfolio and ideas on how to address them
  • Proactive ideas on various wealth-related issues, providing new perspectives
  • An interactive, engaging and enjoyable process, online or face to face that brings your wealth planning to life
  • Comprehensive documentation of each meeting, ensuring you have a record of the insights and recommendations for future reference and implementation
  • The opportunity to experience our services first hand, without the need to switch accountants

How our Wealth Program Works

Our wealth program begins by helping you articulate your ultimate aspirations and aims. Using our innovative and interactive approach, we explore key areas of wealth, including:

  • Wealth objectives: Facilitation of your goals and the development of a clear roadmap to achieve them
  • Current wealth review: Thorough assessment of your existing wealth and its composition
  • Ideas and priorities: A collaborative review of potential strategies and priorities to optimize your wealth

With the Wealth Tracker, you can unlock the potential of your financial future and embark on a journey towards long-term personal and financial success for you, your business and your family. Take the first step towards securing your financial future and book a Strategic Wealth Review with us today.