Case Studies
to show how we can help you

Working Digitally
Supporting a client to get online, to get paid up to date by customers and then paid by HMRC!

A new client came to us because of quality issues with their current accountant who was doing their bookkeeping, leaving them with no idea of which customer owed what.

We helped them take control of their bookkeeping in house using Xero (allowing us to see and advise them online), supporting them to get on top of their finances and helping them find over £15,000 of unpaid invoices they were able to chase customers for and get paid.

We then helped them with their research & development tax relief claim as they were doing all kinds of unique developments, this resulted in a repayment of corporation tax from HMRC of over £35,000, valuable money to help their business grow. We subsequently helped in implementing a share option scheme to incentivise their senior managers.

Being Your Finance Director
Feeling alone, not sure what you are doing and where you are going?

Last year we started working with a business who were looking for more involvement day to day from their accountant.

We started by ensuring that the produced monthly financial reports were consistent, timely and reliable, managed expectations with their overseas owners, restructured their finance department and have made ourselves easily available to the local management, helping them to learn and understand their financial position better. We have also assisted with finance related projects as required. This has helped management build the confidence to plan to continue to rapidly grow their business.

Starting Up
Starting up, fulfilling your dreams and managing the risks

We have helped many hundreds of start up businesses to plan and run the business of their dreams. We are right there from the start, on the same journey Jan made from one client in 2005, with all its massive ups and downs on the way. Jan believes the key to success is bouncebackability! We’ve done it and seen it! Jan has no regrets and would never go back to working for someone else. He literally started with a clean sheet of paper, writing down his goals and knocking them off the list as they were achieved. Not that it was all plain sailing…….. He now works as part of a great team to take things onwards.

When starting up, clients are most concerned that things are done right and on time with the various authorities, but we can also help support with finance, planning and more general business advice, using the most up to date innovative technology.