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Business affected by Coronavirus?

You need to Protect, Plan & Prosper – our guide to get your business back on it’s feet

Starting with our 5 P step by step guide to help your business survive the crisis and move towards business prosperity again


Do a simple cash flow forecast for the next 12 weeks to identify what your cash balance may look like. Don’t wait until you’ve nothing left to pay the wages.


Have you identified a potential hole in your cash flow that could sink your business, how will you deal with this? Look into potential options of deferring payments and what finance is available.


Create your business plan for recovery and repayment of any debts to put you on the front foot when talking with any lenders and creditors, they won’t provide a lifeline if you’re business has holes in it’s net.


Still struggling using paper or a server based system? Look at taking your system online so you can get live financial data on your position, using a programme such as Xero or Quickbooks Online.


Use one of these programmes to produce easy cash flow reports and compare them against your forecast to avoid any serious problems and staying aware to the changing situation.

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Cash is King. How robust, watertight or effective is your current cashflow forecast? Our easy-to use 12 week cashflow forecast shows you how in a couple of hours you can tighten up your control. Leaving you more in control. If you need further assistance or want to produce something more complex or long-term, we are on hand to either assist or produce a full cash flow forecast for you and your business. Either it’s because you’re worried if you’ll be able to take money out of the business to fund the family, or you need to know if there’s staff you need to furlough. This can give you certainty through a variety of scenarios so you can plan for any eventuality for your business and how you will navigate choppy waters.

In the long-term you will also need to consider the profit and loss budgeting for the business to ensure your performance is sound, and your cash flow positioning isn’t delaying the inevitable. We can help you put these together and make sure you’re on the right track.

Avoid the nightmare of suddenly finding out you have nothing left to pay the wages at the end of the month. Act now, and call us if you need to ensure you take the best steps forward for your business.

Speak to us about any problems you might have with your cashflow and we can point out any other issues and suggest potential ways in which to deal with this, making sure you can keep the lights on in your business and at home.

We can do a review of your business & personal wealth to help give you peace of mind and sleep tight at night, and then create some key performance indicators to keep an eye on that will help you focus on what is important. Imagine driving a car without a dashboard or with faulty indicators. You need to be top of your game to survive this pandemic. We’ll help you rise to the challenge.

Now is the time to revisit your business plan, particularly with a potential major long-term change to how businesses operate in the future. If you’re looking to borrow money to get through the next few months then this will be a must; so you can show the lender how your business will bounce back. 

We can help you with these, either pointing you towards a template to use for your plan or with putting together the financials, then check your overall plan makes sense, which can give you and your lender more certainty that the plan is commercially sound.

If you’re still using server based accounting systems such as Sage now is the time to change to a cloud based offering such as Xero or Quickbooks Online, particularly if you can only access the software from one computer. If you can only access the software at your office, remember there are no guarantees you will continue be able to access it all times, you need to consider what this might mean. Programmes such as Xero are cloud based and help you create easy cash flow summaries.

This is when you need a partner with over 10 years of experience using Xero, helping countless businesses get set-up, and firing on all cylinders using these systems. If you need assistance on getting these set-up please get in touch as soon as possible.

Should you need help setting up enhanced financial control to stop financial risks developing, and minimising your risks, we have a track record in helping business take control, reducing fraud which can be more prevalent when people think managers are distracted.

Once you have your financial systems set-up as you need them, you need to make sure you’re tracking your actual financial performance, so you can see you’re meeting the targets you need for your business to firstly survive, and then be set-up to prosper.

We can help you with full management accounts showing you an accurate analysis of how you’re doing, or monthly management reports identifying the key figures in your business performance.

The Coronavirus crisis is a wake-up call to put your business on better foundations with a faster track ahead to survive and grow. You need to hit the ground running. You can’t be doing same-old, same-old. Face the future with greater confidence, purpose and capability – with the right team alongside you to survive, overcome a difficult future for everyone, and build your resilience. This is not just about surviving but being fitter for a more challenging, demanding future. Speak to us now. 


Paul Starling

When we started working with The Sanders Partnership, we had the sales tools that formed the basis of a good business but we lacked confidence in our figures and we felt that was holding us back in our plans for future growth. The Sanders Partnership quickly got down to bringing our accounting up to date and bringing clarity and understanding to our financial figures. Their support has been an integral part of our rapid yet sustained growth. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jan and The Sanders Partnership team to other businesses that want a solid understanding of their accounts in order to grow their own business.

Paul Starling, Managing Director


HS Components Ltd

Jill Rucklidge

I can safely say that I couldn't do my job without the expert and friendly assistance of The Sanders Partnership. Thomas never ceases to exceed my expectations, in meeting my needs in a prompt and precise manner. I cannot recommend The Sanders Partnership highly enough.

Jill Rucklidge, owner


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