About us
& our values

Solving pain & helping you grow

When it comes to an accountant everyone has their own ideas over how things should be done, whether it’s an old fashioned approach or trying to use all the new tech solutions. To us it’s about understanding your business and recommending solutions that work specifically for you.

Every person’s situation and goals are completely unique, and the support that is required from their accountant has to differ for each person. We don’t take a one size fits all approach, and we’ve been doing that since we started trading in 2005. We take the time to understand everyone’s goals by sitting down and listening to you, whether your priority goal is to maximise the value of your business in preparation of a sale, or you could be simply looking at how to spend less time in the business and pay less tax so you can enjoy an extra holiday.

Put simply, the most important to us is you, and by prioritising understanding you and your business then we can recommend a strategy that creates the future you want.

Forward thinking, the right way

When Jan started the business in 2005 he wanted to work much closer with his clients than a ‘normal’ firm of accountants, which meant embracing online services in order to share live information about the business so we could best advise our clients. 

That’s an ethos we’ve not deviated from since, we’ve always been a champion of new ways of working with clients, and that largely means taking advantage of the new technology available to be able to help save our clients time, give the best advice they need for their business and make tax recommendations while there’s still time to make them.

Our vision and purpose

Having a vision is important for any business, as it serves as a strategic guide, and it tells everyone what the business is looking to achieve.

“Our vision for our business is to be respected as the best choice of accountants in Wakefield and the surrounding area who deliver the highest quality and compassionate advice to our clients.”

We will use our purpose to shape our strategy by constantly striving to deliver the best service that we can, while authentically caring about each and everyone of our clients.

A purpose defines a core reason for being and the positive impact a business is looking to have on the world. By being aware of our purpose it gives us the meaning and understanding to best make sure we focus on getting the best outcomes for everyone we work with.

“Our purpose is to support and enable both our team and our clients to enthusiastically meet the challenges they face both in business and personally to achieve the vision for their lives that they hold.”

If we can help both our team and our clients to achieve their vision for their lives, then they will help us achieve the vision we hold for our business. Together we can all be successful.

Core values

As a team we’ve developed our core values to fit what we see as our fundamental principles that form how we behave day to day. Our three core values are:

Vision – always look for the way forward to develop ourselves, our business and our clients. To make a difference we need the vision to get there.

Enthusiasm – if we act with a determination to be enthusiastic in everything we do it guarantees we have the energy and desire to be innovative and determined to solve any problem that comes our way.

Growth – by focusing on the growth of ourselves, our colleagues and our clients it better equips us to take on the challenges we will face both in business and personally. This may growth in the business, personal assets or the skills we have as people to make each day a success.

Happy to talk

We’re always happy to chat with our clients, because we like real relationships with people. We don’t charge someone to ring us up and ask a question, which is exactly as it should be.

Similarly, if you’re interested in working with us we’d be delighted to meet up for a chat and a brew and hear all about you, your business and what you want to achieve.

If you are a growing business, get in touch to see how we can help you achieve your goals.