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We are excited to announce our partnership with Zenplans – a digital estate planning tool accredited by our Institute, ICAEW – to help our clients organise their life’s important information in one secure place, which can be easily accessed by their dependants in an emergency, including everything important from your digital world.

The partnership with Zenplans is organised through Jan Financial Planning, our sister Probate and Estate Planning practice, run by Jan Szczepanski, a Director in The Sanders Partnership. Jan Financial Planning is a trading name of My Personal Finance Director Limited.

About Zenplans

Our lives are made up of so many things, from pensions and bank accounts to utilities and insurance – it can be hard to keep on top of life’s important information, especially in today’s paperless society. Zenplans is designed to help you easily organise, securely store and selectively share all of life’ most important information for complete peace of mind.

Benefits for you
  • • Everything organised: Your life’s important information, beautifully presented and available at your fingertips to view anytime, anywhere.
  • • Everything secure: Best-in-class security means you can live comfortably knowing that everything important is kept securely in Zenplans.
  • • Everyone cared for: Ensure loved ones can access everything they’ll need should your memory fade or when you’re no longer around.

You can find out more by taking a look at the attached factsheet and this two minute explainer video to discover how Zenplans can help you and your family.

Want to know more, sign up for the Zenplans Live webinar, two 15 minute slots per week, covering “Why Zenplans”, “Key Features”, “Security” and addressing “Questions”.

Getting started

Please get in touch with us to discuss creating your own Zenplan.