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Not One Size Fits All

Private Client Online are one of our preferred lawyers in helping clients to prepare Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney. They offer their services online.

Private Client Online have produced a brochure which clearly explains the benefits from planning your estate. It also explains the way they work through Legacy Planning, looking beyond estate, tax and long-term care and planning inter-generationally; as well as leaving gifts in your Will for loved ones, thinking about how you can make a difference through gifting to charities. You can also leave guidance and suggestions for future generations on how inherited assets may be used. Your Will is your chance to leave behind your vision and your hope for generations to come.

The brochure explains about the benefits of Wills, giving an example of what can go wrong where there is no Will, also the benefits of a Will Trust and how they work. Finally Lasting Powers of Attorney are explained and where things can go wrong without one, also the benefits of having them in place.

The Rules of Intestacy can be found on this Flowchart again from Private Client Online.