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Restoring a new client’s faith in accountants!

Some years ago, Duncan came to us because of quality issues with their current accountant who were doing the bookkeeping for Duncan, leaving Duncan with no idea of which customer owed what, as well as many other large bookkeeping issues.

Following previous difficult experiences with accountants and now the relationship with their current accountant having also broken down, Duncan had lost all faith in accountants generally, walking into the our first meeting with Duncan provocatively saying “I must warn you, I hate accountants”. We then witnessed an explosive telephone conversation between Duncan and the old accountant.

We restored Duncan’s faith in accountants by slowly helping them take control of their bookkeeping in house using Xero, supporting them to get on top of their finances and helping them find over £15,000 of unpaid invoices for which they got paid. Duncan is now a big fan of online bookkeeping apps….

We have worked with Duncan for many years now, latterly helping them survive the loss of their largest client. Duncan has told us how happy he has been with us, despite being accountants!

As well as working with Duncan as his finance partners, supporting him on key issues he faces in the business, we have given him peace of mind from being able to rely on his numbers and giving him the confidence to grow the business; we have also supported him in tax planning ideas which have saved lots in tax bills.