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Andy Green is a world-leading expert on inspiring and building people’s creativity and innovation capacity – the ability to spot new opportunities, spark new ideas and make new things happen.  


He is the author of six books on creativity, innovation and communications which have been translated into eight languages. He lectures to blue chip organizations around the globe. He was voted this year as the UK’s most ‘Outstanding PR Professional’ by members of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.  

Andy currently enjoys a portfolio career spanning PR consultancy, university lecturing and training. Andy’s passion is for enabling people to make the most of their potential and their situations by embracing pessimism and flexible thinking, coupled with providing easy-to-use tools to give people the ability and inspiration to translate the talk into real-world action.  

We ask Andy Green our 3 Questions:  

1 Why did you first start in business?  

I felt, probably like many people who run small businesses, that at the time it seemed the only option. I was very unhappy with the firm I had just joined, desperate to leave, so took the plunge into the joys of self-employment.   In hindsight, you always have more options than you realise – but I was glad I made the move.    

2 What are your biggest business challenges?  

At the moment I have a portfolio career spanning several businesses, even a spot of university lecturing and conference speaking and training that takes me around the world.   The challenge is both to ensure none of the spinning plates slip but also realise the full potential of the activities I’m engaged with.    

3 What do you like most about what you do?  

Helping to change people’s live for the better to help them fulfil their potential or make the most of their situations – whether it’s devising a brand that enriches and enables them delivers their mission, or ideas that give them a competitive edge. One of my key values is I hate waste – waste of talent, opportunity, or ideas – so my work, if I call it ‘work’, I use my time to deliver my passion.