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Starting up a business? Is it hard? Yes. Is it fulfilling? Yes! Live your dream

We started our original accountancy practice business, Sanders Geeson back in 2005.  

I had no job; I had just left my last job as an employee. I didn’t want to work for anyone else. I wanted control in my working life and not leave my life at the whim of another person.  

I wasn’t a “spring chicken” but I wanted to be my own boss and build something for me, my family and for others.  

I sat down with a blank piece of paper and thought, what do I want to do?  

Well I thought I want to help others…..I want make a difference. I want to help smaller business…share my experience as a Finance Director for the previous over 15 years in larger businesses.  

Yes I want to help other businesses be a success, but it didn’t need to be simply financial – life is richer than that.  

Success is not just financial, so we’ll help other business people to build the business they want, not necessarily to be rich but to be fulfilled.  

That brought and brings a smile to my face!  

So what do these business owners want from us?  

Well for a start they want us to be a safe pair of hands, making sure things are done right and on time.  

We can also help them save time by taking time consuming uninteresting things away from them like the bookkeeping and payroll.  

Of course they’ll want us to save tax; that will be fun I thought.  

But the most important way we could help with is to help business owners get focussed on what matters most to them whatever that is (I call this strategic planning).  

Then we could help them to get there. Of course financial figures tell a story about your past, so we can help with regular up to date management accounts but we’ll add non-financial forward looking KPI’s (key performance indicators) so they will be more useful.  

Finally, we’ll help business owners paint their future using business plans and financial forecasts (profit and cash flow) and keep a tab on things ongoing through regular management accounts and board meetings.  

Well my blank piece of paper was really full, I had designed the job I always wanted and 7 years on I’m living my dream job……  

Is it hard work and is it frustrating from time to time? Yes! Is it fulfilling? Again, Yes! And yes it’s still hard work as I continue on my adventure…  

Are you just starting up? We know what it is like. Get in touch, we can help work alongside you to enable you to achieve your dream.