At The Sanders Partnership we understand the complexities and challenges businesses face in running a business and especially when it comes to your finances.
We have been involved in helping many businesses with their finances across varied business sectors. That’s why we offer a wide range of services which are designed to:

  • •  Give you peace of mind both for your business and your family
  • •  Save you time while you focus on what you do best
  • •  Save you tax (legally!)
  • •  Help you understand your numbers to help you grow your business and reduce the risks your business faces
  • •  Gain focus on the key things that matter in your business and personally to help you to achieve success both for your business and for your family
  • •  To support you when you need someone to talk to and share your problems


Wave goodbye to the burden of drafting annual accounts. We prepare accounts that are compliant with the law and involving you as Directors and shareholders we meet with you to fully explain your financial performance, filing your accounts with Companies House on a timely basis.


We’ve got your tax responsibilities covered, from company corporation tax to personal tax, VAT, PAYE, Making Tax Digital (MTD), R&D Tax Credit Relief and Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax and more. We discuss and explain your tax returns to you, reviewing your tax position to minimise your bill and looking for opportunities for tax savings. With our guidance, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your tax returns are completed correctly, completed on time and ensuring you don’t pay too much tax.


Put an end to time-consuming bookkeeping and payroll tasks, allowing you to devote your energy to growing your business. With Making Tax Digital (MTD, quarterly reporting to HMRC) on the horizon, we ensure your bookkeeping and compliance needs are met through regular communication.


If your bookkeeping feels out of control and you’re unsure about your cash and tax situation or who owes what, we’re here to help. We’ll detail our approach to organise and update your books and with your approval, we’ll get things sorted, enabling you to make informed business decisions and boost your business.


Imagine an outsourced finance department without the expense of a full-time finance director. Our subscription service offers regular insights into your financial performance and strategic advice for peace of mind, supplemented by our fractional FD-mentor service. We integrate seamlessly into your business team, acting as the affordable Finance Director you thought was out of reach.


Unlock the potential of your business with our insights and financial planning services.
Through our insights services, such as management accounts (where we meet with you in your board meetings), cash flow and profit forecasts, we help you understand your numbers so you can make informed decisions to support the growth of your business. 
Our financial planning services, encompassing strategic planning, Value Builder exit strategy, risk management, key performance management and profit improvement, help grow your business by giving focus on where you want to go and your goals. We focus not only on your business but also your personal goals, putting you and your family at the heart of your plans. We act as your business and personal financial director.
We’re not just your financial advisors; we become your partners in growth. Not only that, you can share your problems with us day to day, running a business can be lonely. Alongside our Finance Team and fractional FD-mentor services, we offer a full range of finance director services. “We are the Finance Director you thought you couldn’t afford.”


Starting a business isn’t easy, but we’re here to support you. From compliance matters to getting focus on your business goals, with our ongoing support we help you grow your new business, ensuring you make the best possible start on your entrepreneurial journey.


Your financial well-being extends beyond business matters. We help safeguard your personal finances, protect your family and plan for the future.
Our comprehensive Wealth Tracker service integrates your personal goals with your business strategy, ensuring a holistic approach to your business and personal success.
Together with our sister company, Jan Financial Planning and other specialised advisors as needed, we care for you and your family from birth to beyond, discussing your Will, assisting in arranging your estate after death and securing Probate.
We can even consolidate your personal financial records, allowing you to manage your estate conveniently and devise a plan to provide peace of mind that your loved ones are cared for once you’re gone, whilst ensuring minimal tax through our Inheritance Tax planning review.

Let us work with you to give you peace of mind in all your financial affairs, save you time and tax, help you understand your numbers and your business and give you focus on the key objectives that matter to you.
Contact us today to experience how we support you on your journey to business and personal success for you and your family.